We are young,
architects team
With strong and focused ambitions to change
people’s lives
in a positive way.

We provide a complete Architectural service, from basic conceptual sketch ideas, through to detailed design and construction. Regardless of the size and scope of the project, the whole process is carefully managed by Live in Architecture. Our versatile team offer a full design and build service where desired and we pride ourselves as one of the most sought-after architectural firms in Kerala.

Our Services includes

Residential Architecture 

Commercial Architecture 

Religious Buildings 

Institutional Design

Interior Design


Landscape Design



We value each project as a unique opportunity to imaginer exhilarating people-centred experiences that treasure cultural diversity.


We transform spaces into imaginative places by harnessing innovative technologies to tell compelling stories through lasting interactive experiences.


We connect with our audience and adaptto diverse client requirements, varying environments, emerging industry trends, and ever-changing society.